The Importance of CSS Anchors, Links and Pseudo Classes In Making Websites

Beautifully created websites that serve a purpose are always a joy to look at. There is interaction between the viewer and the site itself and you can easily go through the pages of the website with full ease. Programmers know that this is why CSS anchors, links and pseudo classes are in website. These little helpers or syntax codes are added to a site so that when viewers click on links, the links will change in color so that they will know that they have already clicked on that certain part already. Getting these codes can be tricky and you have to fully understand the scope of the links you want to anchor it to so it creates a good flow in the website.

CSS Anchors, Links and Pseudo Classes Syntax






In the example, you will see the codes you need to input in your HTML editor so that texts and links will work differently when pressed, visited, hovered, and on standby mode. The RED arrow points to a link that is its natural mode. When you click on that text, the link will change color (as illustrated in the color change of #222222). This is illustrated in the PURPLE arrow. Now, when you are just hovering your mouse pointer over a link, it can change color too and that is illustrated in the GREEN arrow. The YELLOW arrow is when you place your mouse directly over a certain link and ready to click it. The black arrow points to an active link, just like the first one.

Knowing When to Use the Codes and Syntax

As programmers, it is very important that you know which syntax to use in order for the website to look very professional. You do not want to confuse the viewers when they visit your site because it will mean that they will not return to your site anymore because they did not enjoy their first visit.

The Future of CSS Anchors, Links and Pseudo Classes

The world of computer programming language is always changing just like any nation’s language because of the mere reason that it is evolving. Each year, some new computer language is introduced and sometimes the programming is becoming graphical and not text based like HTML programming language. But, the good thing with these CSS codes is that they will always be useful and helpful to anyone who wishes to have full manipulation of their sites.